How to use GitHub for Agile Project Management

Agile is an iterative method to develop software that can enable your team to have better interaction, flexibility, and a high level of transparency. These projects often involve the periodic furlough of useable code, lasting tests. GitHub can be turned into a very effective agile platform with efficient use, and your team can get the benefits of GitHub data your team constantly develops. GitHub is an excellent platform to make collaborate on code. It has probably reinforced the era of open source development, which can then be swiveled towards a beneficial business, driven from the workforce consisting of developers who can make the maximum out of the platform. There’s a high chance that something which has code is formulated or improved on GitHub, it is a platform where the world’s top software firms collaborate, write, and ship amazing products.

However, there are some issues pertaining to the developers.

Project managers, companies rushed to make use of GitHub when it came into limelight. After all, these firms aren’t the one who modifies or develop content on GitHub. It is the developer who is compelled to update the tasks, tickets, and reports very frequently. This is called context switching, and it costs more than what we think it would cost. A note for developers, it is often noticed that multitaskers can see a drop in productivity. So, when the tasks are entangled, the cost of context switching surges. Now coming to the use of ZenHub in helping these developers to commit to their software and prioritize it. ZenHub is a tool that can bring the project management strategy inside GitHub. Your data can always be updated by creating a single source of truth if you use third-party tools, which result in silos of information. Also, it is noticed that the project managers spend their day reminding their team to update their tickets. It is advised that they should spend more time managing the project and should stop worrying about the people in charge of its development, as everything is centralized. Collaboration is the key to reduce errors and debts, which are technical; after all, GitHub issues were built for collaboration. Employee satisfaction can be improved if collaboration is given the topmost priority, according to a study.

Attending the question, ‘ Who should do these agile project management in GitHub?’ The answer is technical team leads and developers. The technical team oversees that roadblocks are removed from the path of your software team at any cost. It should be the goal of this team to provide the engineers with endless service so that they can be efficient, productive, and morally strong as they work. A successful Technical Team Lead is the one who is strongly committed to the management of expectations of several groups of people and protects the programmers from possible distractions they might face. Now coming towards ‘developers,’ they have to keep in mind that basic agile concepts are applied to GitHub, which will help the project in its long-term smooth run without any extra processor or overhead. If one is ready to do agile project management inside GitHub, then they should be able to map agile concepts into GitHub. It is upon the mutual consent of a team that the working hours must be decided to tackle every Milestone. By using ZenHub, one can visualize their progress with the help of customized reports. One can mirror iterations in GitHub with Milestones.


The simple procedure is starting with a day and giving an end date, which is typically two to four weeks. User stories can be very effective as they are high-level characteristic explanations that can help to define advantage from a customer’s point of view. One can use and set up GitHub issue templates to expand the components and acceptance criteria when the right time arrives. One does not need to map the concept of Epics to Epics as ZenHub delivers epics inside GitHub. If teams want to plan and collaborate on product backlogs, they can be aided by Epics. It should be noted that Epics are not related by time in contrast to Milestone. Similar instances include mapping Sprint backlog to issues with a Milestone. Another mapping also includes product backlog to open issues without a Milestone. I hope this article helps.

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